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Alfresco Navigation Mechanism

Question asked by mohammed.amr on Jul 5, 2011
Dear Gurus,

I'm trying to understand the Navigation mechanism in the alfresco and i cannot find any valuable documents talks about that. Also i have an important question related to this.

- How alfresco navigation is works, mechanism wise ? how can override a navigation rule, add or delete ? how can i add new pages and making them navigate-able using the navigation handler  within alfresco context ?

can anyone help me, because i'm facing really important cases requires to develop new pages and override another and all of these pages must be within alfresco context.

note: what i mean by alfresco context: i don't need the page to be opened alone; the page must be displayed within alfresco container (i.e the page displayed and the titlebar, shelf, footer and sidebar must be showed also.

Thanks for your replies and thanks for your care.

Mohammed Amr
Senior System Developer
Digital Series Co.