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401 error in response of webscript

Question asked by itrub on Jul 5, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2011 by itrub
Dear colleagues
I try to create webscript, that open hte pop-up window "Edit Metadata". In order to create form my js-code at the response-ftl sends (as result) the following request:
GET http://localhost:8080/share/service/components/form?itemKind=node&itemId=workspace://SpacesStore/ec15b739-ab0f-471c-b1c1-b5d1fd16f584&destination={destination}&mode=edit&submitType=json&formId=doclib-simple-metadata&showCancelButton=true&htmlid=template_x002e_documentlist_x002e_documentlibrary-editDetails

But this request can not aithorize, I get 401 error. Adding of alf_ticket parameter did not help. Could you give any advice? Similar problems are already discussed on forum, but I did not find solution for me.
Sincerely, Iliya