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Exlcuding Data Dictionary fles from search results in Share

Question asked by ad-int-en on Jul 6, 2011
Is there a way to exclude the files in the data dictionary from the search results in Alfresco Share Repository search?

We are using Share (but not the Sites Function) do store data in all kinds of folders below the root ("Repository") node.
Whenever we perform with a search term that also matches one of the .ftl Files in the Data Dictionary we get these listes as well. But from a user point of view these files are of no interest, so I wonder if there is a way to prevent these files from beeing indexed or at least from being displayed in the search results.

I found a 5 year old Feature Request in the forum which asked for the same feature, but I couldn't find any solution so far.

Any help is highly appreciated

Thx in advance