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Does Alfresco support this features?

Question asked by korgx9 on Jul 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2011 by korgx9
about Content
1) Several level folder and sub-folder levels -Flexible content structure for a manual
2) Flexible for file types - Variety of documents need to administrated: word, excel, power point, adobe, graphs, pictures etc.
3) Multi-language & multi character (Engl., Arab., Russ. etc.):
a. Administration needs different language & characters
b. Documents even in broader range
4)Search & link function:
a. Search for headers and key words
b. Allow link administration
about Access
1) Administrator / Organization Manager - Rights to change, add, delete
2) Free & restricted users:
a. In principle only read function
b. Different user levels; free areas, restricted or confidential areas
3) Obligatory access - Forced opening of handbook system, with key information, for each staff member starting his computer
4) User addressing - Specific users shall be addressed for new documents relevant to them
5) Multiple windows - Allow to open multiple documents
6) Passwords:
a. Passwords for all users
b. Periodic password change
c. Restricted IP addresses
d. Restriction on right mouse click
7) Download restriction - Limited files allowed for downloading
8.) Obligatory download - Other documents should be downloaded from system, example standard loan, collateral, employment agreements etc.
9) On- & off-line access:
a. On-line access long term target
b. Today most branches off-line
c. But branch access and administration via LAN
about Protocol
1) User protocol - If new documents had been opened
2) Change protocol - All changes by authorized people to be recorded 
3) Change information:
a. Deleted contents should be marked, example red
b. Changes, marked in another color
4) History administration - Old / changed documents to be kept in archive
1) Discussion Group - allow exchange and support
2) Shortcuts - hot keys to be defined