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Alfresco Maven Artifacts

Question asked by rleuthner on Jul 8, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2011 by mrogers
We are really beginning to regret investing time in working with Alfresco products.  Making a profit off of the product is reasonable to expect, but calling this open source and then making the source for particular community releases impossible to recreate, then removing all of the artifacts from the maven repo related to developing against particular versions is complete crap.

Upon delving in to a CMS project we researched many options.  Alfresco technology seemed to be among the better alternatives.  Contact with the sales force was, however, dismal.  It took weeks to get lukewarm responses, eventually finding out that even with the purchased options our target configuration was "not supported" and therefore even as a paying customer we couldn't get what we wanted (recent version running on glassfish against an Oracle database).  That alone is ridiculous - glassfish is, after all, the reference implementation of the JEE .

Trying to get any help from the forums has been completely worthless.

There are even reports that open source licensing changes are being/have been made.  Somehow I doubt these changes will benefit those trying to work with the products.