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Webdav copy & Windows 7 problem

Question asked by blannoy on Jul 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2011 by blannoy

we're using alfresco Enterprise 3.3 and are having some trouble with using webdav from W7 computers.
We get a webdav explorer view on the repository and can open documents.
However when we try to copy/paste docs into that explorer, the operation fails.
W7 seems to think that the file is already there and tries to make a second copy.
I end up with a locked empty file.

When I look into the copy/paste traffic the webdav client does the following operations:
PUT <file> –> empty file
LOCK <file>
PROPFIND <folder>
PROPFIND <file(2)>
at which point I cancelled

If I compare a copy/paste operation on an Apache webdav instance this works and has the following sequence
PUT <file> –> empty file
LOCK <file>
HEAD <file>
PUT <file> –> puts complete file
UNLOCK <file>

Things started going different from the HEAD command.
anyone had any experience with copy/pasting a file using webdav on W7 (enterprise x64) in Alfresco?