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Alfresco custom Aspect

Question asked by subhajit on Jul 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2011 by subhajit
Hi all,

I have created one Aspect for bulk upload in alfresco version 'Community - v3.4.0'. Everything is working fine, user has also able to enter metadata into those aspect property fields. My aspect is something like,

      <aspect name="dm:AltisapAspect">
         <title>Proposal Aspect</title>
            <property name="dm:Binder">
          <index enabled="true">

Now I want to get those metadata from my jsp page. I have tried to run lucene query to achieve that, "+ASPECT:\"{dm:AltisapAspect.model}Binder\""+" TEXT:\"BinderValue\"" but not getting any result.

Please help me out.