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3.4 Calendar issues

Question asked by michaelc on Jul 13, 2011
I have several issues with the Calendar, I had hoped 3.4 resolved them ( one was ) but many are there.
I was wondering if anyone else out there had the same issues and had a fix for some of these ?

1. if create a new item in the Calendar by clicking to + sometimes the OK button never gets enabled.
but entering anything "Even a space" in the Tags field will enable it.

2. Click on Choose popular tags just makes the link dissapear.

3. if my end date is before my begin date it won't let me add but it also does not say why I can't add the item.

4. If I set date 27 & 28 click all day it takes, but it sets my end date to 27.

5. user stated you can't create more then one item, but it's associated with the tag problem.

6. if I create more then one item, everything is picked up from the prior item including the end date. Should be blank in our humble opinion.

7. When a date range is entered that covers more then one day, the date range displays inconsistently.

9. change the date on an all day event and it acts like it changed, but it does not change.
until you refresh the screen. I auto refresh could resolve the issue.