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Creating custom Business Rule

Question asked by jeyaa on Jul 14, 2011

I am trying to create a Business Rules according to my business need. Which does not wants to be executed for a space. My rule should be executed on specific Mime Type. Say for eg., I will be having different file types say txt,pdf,doc etc. So If I starts the workflow for a Particular mime type of content, the business rules associated with the mime type should execute and if that satisfies then the transition should take place. The above is my requirement.
So I have planned to create it like a rule wizzard.
Below is my idea,
. I have placed a link inside the "create" menu.
. Once clicked, the content types, metadata will be displayed.
. After selecting that, the mime types will be displayed where we can select the mime type for which the rule should associate with.
. Now at the end I need to save it.

I dont have any idea of how to save and retrive the already stored rules. Please suggest me on this.