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Office 2010 Integration

Question asked by sashah on Jul 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2011 by mikeh
The ability to edit online is not working, I tried this in Office 2007 and still have the same issue.  All I get is a logon box that refuses to authenticate.

I have tried the method suggested in this post

It does not work, in fact when I uncomment the section as suggested in the file share-config-custom and restart alfresco share it breaks it completely, http 404 error.

I think the ability to edit online is a very importent feature for most users of a doc management product so not sure why there isn't a definitive guide to get this to work.

Note. I have my users authenticating against AD using passthru and it works fine.

I also tried changing the registry setting in Windows 7 to enable basic auth, this did not make a difference.

Any help appreiciated.