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User Manuals Site using Alfresco & Joomla

Question asked by polestar on Jul 16, 2011
Hey Guys,

Here is what we are planning to build using Alfresco and Joomla. As it is not an integration question I am putting this in the Content Management discussion forum:
  • Customer User Manuals will be stored in Alfresco as HTML documents

  • One Category per customer. Same articles for two customers are put in multiple categories.

  • Articles will be fetched by Joomla and there will be an integration between Joomla and Alfresco to authenticate the users and the categories corresponding to that user will be displayed in Joomla. (We are already working on this integration)
Now this is where I need support:
  • Is the above right way to do it?

  • Input different CSS classes in TinyMCE so that they can be styled accordingly by Joomla. Any tutorials on that?

  • When I try and create an HTML article in Alfresco I can not embed YouTube videos in it as TinyMCE is stripping them out.