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Carousel slideshow error

Question asked by keanesf on Jul 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2011 by keanesf
When trying to display the carousel slideshow component I get the following error

An error has occured in the component: /wqs/service/carousel/slideshow.
It responded with a status of 500 - Internal Error.
Error Code Information: 500 - An error inside the HTTP server which prevented it from fulfilling the request.
Error Message: 06190001 Failed to load script 'org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.ResourceStore$WebApplicationStoreScriptContent@1bbf341': 06190000
Server: Alfresco Spring WebScripts - v1.0.0 (Release Candidate 2 660) schema 1,000
Time: Jul 19, 2011 11:05:50 AM
Click here to view full technical information on the error.
Exception: org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.WebScriptException - 06190000
Exception: org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.WebScriptException - 06190001 Failed to load script 'org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.ResourceStore$WebApplicationStoreScriptContent@1bbf341': 06190000