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Timestamp Propagation

Question asked by chris_0815 on Jul 22, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2011 by chris_0815

To access the Alfresco Repository offline, I decided to synchronize content using webDAV (mapped to a drive letter).
I realized, that there is no timestamp propagation by default (thats why new content is not synchronized, as it is not recognized).

By setting
and checking that folders should propagate the timestamp (contentModel.xml):
      <type name="cm:folder">
            <child-association name="cm:contains">
I expected that the propagation will be done, but unfortunately there is no effect.
Creating a subfolder or a subsubfolder or some files within these folders does not result in changing the "modification time" of any parent folders.

Am I missing some configuration or are these settings only valid by a complete "reinstallation" of alfresco?

I am using alfresco3.4.d community edition.

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