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Preview can not render multi-byte character

Question asked by tommynsong on Jul 23, 2011
I'm having issue where multi-byte characters (ie: Japanese) are showing as square in Preview.

Here is the run down on what have been attempted.

- Format: Microsoft Office or OpenOffice format (document, presentation)
- Alfresco 3.4.d community
- Tomcat, JRE (bundled)
- OOO (bundled and/or from Ubuntu 10.04 repo)

1. Uploaded document/presentation in Microsoft Office format (original) to document library and Preview is unable to render the Japanese characters
2. Open and save the original document to Open Office format follow by step 1 above with the same result
3. Open and save/export the original or the Open Office format to PDF follow by step 1 above and Preview generated expected result
4. Created a RTF with similar multi-byte character and uploaded as in step 1 and Preview generated the expected result.

So, my conclusion is that mult-byte character (in this case is Japanese) can't not be rendered correctly when in Microsoft Office or OpenOffice format.

Is there any workaround or solution to this?

Tommy S.