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Cannot perform operation since the node is locked

Question asked by mohammed.amr on Jul 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2011 by mohammed.amr
Dear Gurus.

I have a problem when i'm trying to use the LockService and my problem is clear at the following line
// Prepare Organization Sequence
Node organizationSeq = new Node(SequenceUtil.prepareSequence(
                  nodeService, searchService));
// Lock Organization Sequence
lockService.lock(organizationSeq.getNodeRef(), LockType.NODE_LOCK);

// Add Organization Sequence By One
            SequenceUtil.addCurrentSequence(organizationSeq.getNodeRef(), nodeService);
The Exception has been thrown as:

org.alfresco.service.cmr.lock.NodeLockedException: 06240003 Cannot perform operation since the node (id:fc97c145-cea4-4ce6-8c0d-fdb406790edc) is locked.

But i need to work on the locked node, is there any missing code must be written such as serviceRegistry.getWorkingCopy() or etc.

I cannot find any help in the context of that problem.

can you guide help me to understand the functionality of the lockService or jobLockService.

Mohammed Amr
Senior System Developer
Digital Series Co.