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File upload path in Alfresco share content

Question asked by success on Jul 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2011 by success
     I'm an newcomer in Alfresco study.And I'm always have a doubt in my mind: The content I uploaded from Alfresco share store where? the database? or Is there  exists a file server to support the file upload and download? but I found that in the database alfresco ,there is a table called
alf_content_url,and there is  a  field called content_url ,but the format is '.bin',and i can't find any direct ,apparent file path stored in alfresco,when I want download a file ,I can't get the file url ,the problem puzzled me fairly a long time.
    you quickly reply will be looking forward.and i'll show greatly appreciate to your help.the answer i want to get  is that you can offer me a method to get  the path or an explaination to the path that i uploaded in the Alfresco share  Document Library. I'm eager for get a detailed ,apparent , direct file directory ,thank you very much .