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Mac Off-Line Edit

Question asked by mamunoz on Jul 25, 2011
I am pretty sure I know the answer to this after much much searching but just want to verify my findings.

As a Mac user if they click offline edit the file will just download to their downloads folder nothing exists webdav wise like in Windows that will open their default app let them edit then save and have it go directly back to the repository?

The next best solution being SharePoint but from what I can tell as of the 20th of July somebody has office 2011 logging in and allowing to read and write docs but there is a bug that once written the file is locked.

So currently the only real solution is to have the user modify using CIFS or WebDAV with them manually traversing the repository or going into share downloading the file opening modifying saving then upload new version and find the modified version on their computer?

I think this is all correct.

My hope is that the share point issues get resolved as this sounds like all around the best case scenario to me.  If anyone else knows of any plugins or easier work arounds for the time being please do share.