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Plans for WCM in multi tenant env.?

Question asked by scapeler on Jul 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by scapeler
Can somebody tell me if there are plans to make WCMQS work in a multitenant configuration?

Imported quick start finance into a tenant but then got errors in Document library: Node does not exist.
Noderef: workspace://@abc@SpacesStore/ada480d6-1a54-41a0-b305-9cfb4f2d709f
The spacesstore is correct but 'ada480..' etc. is the noderef for the 'super' admin account (non-tenant).
Tried to change the import acp (finance.xml) but no success.
Tried to change db table alf_node attrib. audit_creator and audit_modifier admin–>admin@abc but no succes.