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Synchronize Alfresco users with another application

Question asked by jco on Jul 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 22, 2012 by karthik_developer

i've been looking through the Alfresco documentation and forums for one day, and i couldnt find a lot of help there to give me an answer…

I am looking for a way to synchronize my users / groups / spaces in Alfresco , using another user database from my own application. The synchronization would go in only one direction , considering i want to restrict user management in Alfresco itself.

My wish is to create a java application providing restful web-services to post/put users in Alfresco when they are modified on my app. This restful wrapping is already set up, but i need help for the alfresco side.

Are there any available alfresco REST api to do such things ? The only thing i could find were typical javascript side consuming APIs … And my wish is not to use the SOAP webservices, as i want to keep homogeneous technologies (Rest webservice from my app calling SOAP ws from alfresco sounds like a mess to me…).

If this is not possible through REST apis , is it possible to use alfresco native services (by adding dependencies to the repository, core etc..) to populate the database with my users ?

Thanks a lot for your help,