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Extract data from xml bom

Question asked by mkieboom on Jul 26, 2011
Hi there,

At this moment I'm reading the book Alfresco 3  ECM Implementation as well as topics here on the forum and try various things to reach my goal.
However at this moment I made some progress but still the solution I need isn't showing up.

What I try to accomplish is to export a Bill of Material from SAP Business One towards Alfresco Share. From this point on, I'm trying to figure out the following subjects:
    *With the xml BOM I want to create links to other spaces inside alfresco. Let me explain this further.
    For example we have Bill of Material for product X, this consists of product A, B and C. However A, B, C are at the same hierarchy level in a site and could be used within other products.
- Site - Items:
   - Item A
   - Item B
   - Item C
   - Item X (This BOM consists of A, B and C)  [This space shows hyperlinks to Item A, B and C]
   - Item Z (This BOM consists of A and X) [This space shows hyperlinks to Item A and X]
Hopefully I explained it clear enough and someone could tell me if this is possible within alfresco shares - document library.

Thanks in advance,

Marcel Kieboom