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setting up transfer service

Question asked by pchoe on Jul 26, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2013 by nramdoo
I was looking at the Alfresco Wiki for Transfer Services.

I have a few questions based on the wiki:

1.  I noticed a few terminology used that I am not sure of the correct definition:
   a.  Transfer Definition
   b.  Transfer Service
   c.  Transfer Target

2.  The wiki states that "…a transfer target must be committed into the repository before it can be used for a transfer."
   a.  What is a transfer target exactly (is it a Java class similar to what is shown in the "Creating a new Transfer Target" in the wiki)?
   b.  Does committing the transfer target mean uploading the above Java Class into the "Company Home > Data Dictionary > Transfers > Transfer Target Groups > Default Group"?

Also a question about Replication Service:
Is replication service used to schedule transfer of nodes using a predefined transfer service?