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Advanced space wizard to set user permissions

Question asked by mbucan on Jul 27, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2013 by kaynezhang

I need to create folder(space) structure with some sub-folders, and have access permissions applied automatically when the new space is created.

What I did is to create a space template and indeed when selected from advanced space wizard, it creates desired folder structure.
Next I made appropriate user groups and assigned permissions on that template hoping they would be also "copied" when the space is created, however they do not.
I tried with various experiments including unchecking "Inherit Parent Space Permissions" in the folder where I use advanced space wizard, but whatever I do, permissions are not copied and substructure has "Inherit" true.

It looks like I need to write custom code either in the template itself, or to write custom action so that user with privilege can execute it once the structure is created.
Can you please direct me to example of template that contains custom code, or even paste me some code or solution to point me in right direction.
It really doesn't have to be advanced space wizard customization, anything that creates folder structure and sets permissions would do for start.