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Different results depending on access mechanism

Question asked by flob on Jul 28, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2011 by flob
Hi all,

I'm experiencing a problem that slowly becomes a real pain to me.

I am using the following webscript to retrieve information about an object (assume I already logged in with admin:admin):

Whenever I access this script via Firefox or Chrome or whatever browser there may be, the result is correct, showing the latest version of that document in question, including all changes made to the metadata in the lifecycle of that document.

But, when I try to access the webscript on the command line by CURL or maybe even WGET
curl -uadmin:admin
the result is the very first version of that document. The changes made to the metadata in Share are not reflected in the XML delivered to that request.

I can reproduce that all the time.

Please, could anyone give me a hint what (maybe trivial) error I'm running in?

Thanks a lot, best regard,

Flo B.