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Multiple property constraint

Question asked by trakhan on Jul 28, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2011 by trakhan
Hello everyone.

I have content model with multiple specific properties. I need to create constraint (or another restriction) which will enforce uniqueness to some of my properties, so there will be no other two documents with the same property value. This is quite simple with utilizing lucene search in constraint evaluation. Problem is, I have a pair of properties logically bound together, which are only unique together. For example if property A has value X then there can be another document with the same value only if it differs in value of property B.

Basically I need something I call multiple property constraint, a constraint which would evaluate multiple properties together. Another solution would be to get the value of property B from constraint of property A, but so far it seems impossible without changes to some of the alfresco core components.

Does anybody have a hint, how to do this? What would be your solution for this problem?

Thanks for any responses.