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mltext in Web Quick Start

Question asked by aussen2 on Jul 29, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2011 by bremmington
In the website I am building on top of Web Quick Start (Alfresco 3.4d) I have two different kinds on multilingual web assets.

a) Assets that require translations of it's metadata as well as its content (e.g. text articles)
b) Assets that have the same content in every language but require translations of it's metadata (e.g. photos)

My question regards the second kind of assets (b). I want to use the Alfresco built-in multilingual capabilities for mltext because otherwise I would have to create different copies of the same content just for the purpose of translating its metadata. This is especially problematic as I want to associate assets of type b with assets of type a (example: a text article contains photos and when I create a translation of that text article I want to use the same photo instead of creating and associating a copy of it).

Currently the WQS webapp does not support the transmission of any locale information when communicating with the Alfresco repository. Is there any way (or any work in this direction) to use the mltext functionality in WQS (via Share UI) and then request the different translations of the metadata from the WQS webapp?