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Hot backup - snapshot? read-only mode? pause?

Question asked by algodocs on Jul 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2011 by mrogers
When you are performing a hot backup in Alfrecso (, it seems to me that you want to prevent users from making changes in Alfresco while the hot backup is being done.
We can do hot backups in off hours but that is not perfect - a user could make a change during the hot backup.

The user docs (AF Community 3.4.?) state the following:
“Database hot backup requires a tool that can "snapshot" a consistent version of the Alfresco database (that is, it must capture a transactionally-consistent copy of all the tables in the Alfresco database). In addition, to avoid serious performance problems in the running Alfresco system while the backup is in progress, this "snapshot" operation should either operate without taking out locks in the Alfresco database or it should complete quickly (within seconds).”

Instead of trying to pause Alfresco or put in read-only mode during when the hot backup is running, is performing a snapshot of my machines (or VMs) the way to go? Can someone confirm and/or advise?

FYI - I’m using AF Community 3.2r.