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New nodes are not Searchable By Node Browser

Question asked by mohammed.amr on Jul 31, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2011 by mohammed.amr
Dear Gurus,

When i create new content model, and once i create a folder and create a new content from my new content model, the nodes is not searchable by node browser service.

After navigate the folders to reach for the specific node and get back return to the browser node the node will be searchable :!:

Shutdown the alfresco and the start it and try to search about the node by lucene, the node is not searchable again :!:

I need to make my new content model searchable regardless the parent of my content model and regardless if they are contained inside folder or not ?

Sorry but What's happen in alfresco to work in this way ?

Mohammed Amr
Senior System Developer
Digital Series Co.