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NodeBrowser does not work properly

Question asked by mohammed.amr on Jul 31, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2011 by mohammed.amr

I have a new content model called organization, and i create a new folder called organizations. once i create a new organization under organizations folder and then shutdown the alfresco server and start-up it again, i notice that both of search engine "Search Service" or "Node Browser" cannot find my new nodes which are built upon new content model.

Now, i navigate the organizations folder, and after that i use both of search engines "Search Service" and "Node Browser" and i notice that both of them is work properly.

What is the reason cause my problem ? is there any parameter must be set in the search parameters ? is there a bug ?

System Info:
Version: Community - v3.4.0 (d 3370)
Installed Schema   4113
Installed Version   3.4.0 (d 3370)

All of your replies are highly appreciated.

Mohammed Amr
Senior System Developer
Digital Series Co.