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Unable to localize role name

Question asked by dkane on Aug 1, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2011 by dkane
Dear colleagues ,

I have downloaded and applied language pack for Alfresco Share. The interface was translated successfully but role names in "Edit permissions" still appears not localized (Coordinator, Contributor etc.). 
Since there are numerous .properties files that contains these values (=Coordinator, =Contributor etc.) for various keys , I have made a test: changed "=Contributor" in _all_ properties files for _all_ locales (including locale-independent), to "=Contributor1". Restarted both Alfresco and Share, cleared the browser cache, but "Contributor" has not changed to "Contributor1" anywhere.
How can I achieve the goal , without creating custom roles ? All what I need is a display translation of existing roles in object permissions table. We don't use Share-specific "Site …" roles, but only Alfresco core roles.
Thank you.