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lucene search by node browser does not work after shutdown

Question asked by mohammed.amr on Aug 1, 2011

i create a new custom model, and i tried to create a node from the content model by using alfresco create content functionality.

after create a content and by chance i shut down the alfresco and then start it up to see that the node browser cannot locate the nodes and after navigate to the location of the browser i see that the nodes are still there, again i return back to the lucene search in the node browser and by searching TYPE:"sec:organization" or TYPE:"{MYURI}organization" the nodes were returned by node search.

the same problem repeated multiple times and once i shut down the alfresco server after create a content and start it up again.

Is the lucene search bugy ? or node browser is bugy ? or there is missing to do ?

Please can anyone clarify this situation.

Alfresco version 3.4.d