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How to handle datamodel associations?

Question asked by csabee on Aug 2, 2011
Latest reply on May 24, 2012 by shmoula
Hi there,

I have an extended datalist, with the following association:
<association name="dl:assignee">

And I have a java backed webscript, that gets http get parameters, and does a lucene query to find matching documents. Then, it gets some properties from the documents.
I would like, to return the user name from the field above. How do I do this?

I have the following objects defined and instantiated for this:

ServiceRegistry registry;
String    strStoreRef      = StoreRef.PROTOCOL_WORKSPACE + StoreRef.URI_FILLER + "SpacesStore";
StoreRef storeRef = new StoreRef(strStoreRef);
SearchService search    = registry.getSearchService();
NodeService nodeSvc = registry.getNodeService();

I get the required property values through the nodeService:
nodeSvc.getProperty(row.getNodeRef(), myProperty);

So, please help me, how can I get the value stored in "dl:assignee"?
And how can I get the values, if I make it a multivalue field?

Thank you!