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MAC OS X: Forcing/Activating IPv4 | HELP!

Question asked by bcors on Aug 2, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2011 by bcors
Greetings, all.

We're new to Alfresco and Java - and are trying to get an instance of Drupal to speak with our Alfresco installation, housed on Mac OS X. We used the Mac OS X installer - and are using our own MySQL and LDAP connections. We're using the Tomcat that is bundled with Alfresco.

According to what we've read, in order for Drupal [or any outside source] to connect - we need to make sure that IPv4 is being used, by issuing one of the following arguments/commands: = true
    OR = true

Problem is, we're having a very hard time finding exactly where we should be placing this, particularly not having a lot of experience with Java, and with it hosted on Mac OS X.

Can someone please advise?

Many thanks in advance,

brian cors
University of Michigan Museum of Art