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Pooled task issue

Question asked by javed_afroz on Aug 6, 2011
       I am working on an application that uses Alfresco ECM as back end. I am working on workflow part of it. My requirement is :

1. When a user logs in he will be able to see all the tasks that has been assigned to his group.
2. User will also be able to see the tasks that is claimed or owned by someone else in the group.

I am using webscript that has something like workflowService.getPooledTasks(userName) which is returning me a list of task that has been assigned to the group that the user is assigned to. My problem is when some other user that belongs to the same group logs in and claims a task then that task is removed from the pool. So in that condition I am not able to fulfil my 2nd requirement.

Is there a workflow api that gives me a list of tasks for a particular pool irrespective of userName, with taking group name as input

Thanks in advance.