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Query parser eats last character

Question asked by dooman on Aug 8, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2011 by clementus
I have some problem with lucene query. I query content with the next parameters:

        SearchParameters searchParameters = new SearchParameters();
        searchParameters.addLocale(new Locale("ru", "RU"));
where query = +TYPE: "dms:position" AND (@cm\:name:"[ново*]")

But I got wrong results. The result has all dms:position where cm:name contains "нов*". I turned on debug for and see the next log:

12:06:17,410 User:admin DEBUG [impl.lucene.LuceneQueryParser] Query +TYPE: "dms:position" AND (@cm\:name:"[ново*]")                             is
   +(TYPE:{}position) +(@{}name:нов*)

Should I create new bug report?

Alfresco version: 3.4.e.