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Custom categories for non-developers

Question asked by mberru on Aug 19, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2012 by jpotts
Hi, everyone. I've scoured these forums (and the rest of the internet!) to try to get traction on starting Alfresco. Previously, my company had used Sharepoint to store documents, but due to how clunky, slow, and ugly everyone found SharePoint to be, we're still without a content management system of any kind. (So far, we don't even have a shared server for documents; they just get emailed around.)

I was able to get Explorer and Share working and have been playing around with the categories, but I'm finding that it's been much harder to customize than SharePoint was. The most fundamental need I have, in terms of document classification, is to be able to make a client name and project name mandatory on all uploaded documents. (Ideally, the project name would be a sub-set of the client name, so that if the client was picked, only the projects associated with that client would populate the Project drop-down.) I want to restrict these values, where an administrator (me) can easily update them as projects come up through some kind of list or spreadsheet.

A more general question I have (which might render the above irrelevant), is, can Alfresco be customized in general (and/or for the above) without any kind of advanced developer skills? Unfortunately, we have no budget for a developer and I'm basically "it." I have basic HTML skills, familiar with pseudocode, very advanced Excel user, but obviously those don't translate directly into being able to write JavaScript, etc.

Do many functions exist in Alfresco that will let me do the basic things I've done in SharePoint? Or will the learning curve be so great that I should find something else that would have a little less functionality, but be easier to implement initially?

Perhaps there's a "getting started" utility that, despite all my searching, I've simply overlooked.

I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!