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Share Trashcan is admin only - why?

Question asked by loftux on Aug 22, 2011
The Share Trashcan implementation for Swift is admin only.
Is there a specific reason why it is implemented in this way?

In Alfresco Explorer, each user can manage their own deletions. And this is necessary, since in practice an alfresco admin probably has more than enough to do than to recover deleted items for end users. Since it also list all items for all users, the listing takes a long time. And there is no search to easily find the item to recover.

If there is no change request already in for the Trashcan for 4.0 (Swift), I'll add one. This is what I think needs to be in place.
-Move Trashcan from being admin only, to a user page.
-Start with listing just the last 10 deleted items or similar.
-Implement search/filtering.
-Implement sort order for search results.
-Dialog to select where to restore the object.