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About non-electronic documents managements...

Question asked by gelinp on Aug 24, 2011

I'm asking myself what about alfresco non-electronic records managements ? What I understand is Records Management could do, as saying into documentation :

Non-electronic records may be paper files or papers that can be stored in a physical location. The non-electronic record in Alfresco Records Management provides a record of the existence of the file and the details of where it is physically stored.

But this is not the case with "Document space" into share application…

A first idea would be to use "phantom", i.e. to create a specific document to manage metadata and particularly physical location to find the document into racks… But a better practice will be to create new types in order to manage metadata about physical documentation.  I would create a "paper file" types using metadata to manage physical location and others specifics informations in order to index physical's documents. So :

1. Does Community Edition be used to create new types ?
2. Do this types be used by Records management and Document management ?
3. Is-it possible to structure a folder with types ? (i.e. I would like to list file's types and subfolder authorized into a folder)
4. Do I need to program with Java ? Where can I find technical documentation about it ?

Thank you for your help.