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Is Alfresco right for my project?

Question asked by poliver on Aug 25, 2011
Hi Everyone,
I'm looking into various CMS's and I require something which allows content to be accessed in
various different ways, via different web interfaces - so the Alfresco WCMS model seems to be right.

The basic structure of the system will look like this:

Alfresco CMS
Workflow to add new content/documents
Staging server -> Publish

<———–>(rest requests)
Web Clients

The web clients would be be grabbing the data over the RESTful service and rendering HTML (with apache/squid for caching).

So - does anyone here have similar experience with Alfresco, and do you recommend it for this approach?
Initially there will be 2 servers (the main public server: lots of memory, 4 dual core cpu's). Is that adequate?

What sort of timeframe would a developer be looking at to accomplish the workflow and web client implementations?

Thanks very much, hopefully my questions aren't too vague.