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Bug with SectionImpl class and others????

Question asked by qsdmv on Aug 25, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2011 by bremmington
We are in highly multi-user environment. Recently we keep getting 500 or duplicate sections issues (randomly). But I could not duplicate from my local machine which is single user environment:

1). Case one: We have section, and sub-sections under this section. Inside SectionImpl class, two properties are defined:

 /** Section children */
    private List<Section> sections = new ArrayList<Section>();

    /** Sections by name */
    private Map<String, Section> sectionsByName = new TreeMap<String, Section>();

Most time, it works fine. We can get sections which are the sub-sections. But after running some time, this list either returns empty or returns the list with duplicate sections. The similar things happen to Map for sectionsByName so that  It returns either nothing or correct result when calling the method: getSection(String sectionName)

Also SectionFactoryCmisImpl class behaviors odd in highly multi-user environment. For example, By calling getSectionFromPathSegments(String rootSectionId, String[] pathSegments), it returns right section or nothing (supposed to have results).

But in a single user or not highly muti-user environment, It is hard to duplicate those issues. We had tests by asking more users more actively involved. It happens more often.

Thanks in advance