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Does Alfresco WCM make sense for this scenario?

Question asked by snewport on Aug 26, 2011
Sorry folks, I've searched hi and low for up to date information on Alfresco's WCM direction and I'm a bit confused.  I have 3 books on Alfresco, including the book that is focused on WCM.  Based on what I have read, Alfresco seems perfect for our scenario.  The books were published in 2010.  Unfortunately, I had a few casual conversations with people who have worked with Alfresco and they indicated that things are changing within Alfresco's WCM strategy.   I can't figure out what might be changing - and I need to understand any significant changes before we commit to Alfresco.  The gist of what they are suggesting is that Alfresco may be moving away from providing a site administrator's front-end (page management, template management, webform-based content entry, easy creation of content types).  The implication is that enterprises can embrace Spring Surf or just integrate with another WCM through web services.  The other suggestion is that Share will be the epicenter of this site administration functionality.   This worries me a bit as it seems like it is complicated to customize. 

Can someone link me to the best source of info on Alfresco's plans for WCM?

We are looking for a content application platform with sophisticated workflow and multi-channel capabilities via renditions and flexible web services creation and management.  Alfresco seems perfect for this.  Unfortunately 70% of our content end-points are web sites, some of which are operated by clients.  I'm pretty sure Surf won't work in that scenario.  Also, is Surf under active development?  We love the concept of WebScripts, but if the Surf project is driving the evolution of WebScripts (which is claimed on an article), then I guess we need to understand SpringSource's commitment to Surf.  I'm having trouble getting a sense of this.

Our scenario is this:
- we are a publisher in a specialty vertical.  Our content gets pushed to sites, mobile apps and a handful of mission-critical systems.
- the content is highly technical and requires a multi-step review process
- some of our clients want us to create the sites, some want to ingest our content through a web service.
- the speedy creation of micro-sites based on our content is very important; in all likelihood a non-technical person needs to do this.