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Installation on Debian Lenny x64

Question asked by stebans on Aug 29, 2011
Hi all,

I am experiencing difficulties to install Alfresco-3.4.2 enterprise on a Linux server. I've run Bitrock installer on a pre-production server, and it was fine. Unfortunately, when I migrate on the prod server, the installer returns silently as if nothing was happening. Unfortunately, debian is not officialy supported but I do need to make do with it. Both systems are 64bits with Linux Debian Lenny.

I found some information describing a very similar situation, and thought it could solve my issues: Thanks to this post, I read on Alfresco wiki:
>Install Alfresco Labs 3b 64 bits setup
>If you are running a x64 kernel, you should consider installing the "ia32-libs" package in order to run the Alfresco installer in console
    apt-get install ia32-libs
>If not, the installer will simply not run without returning any error. (Tested with lenny x64 under OpenVZ)

see also : (french)

So the installer might be a 32 bits app, hence not running at all and dying without saying anything. Indeed in pre-prod, ia-32 libs were installed.

I'm not an administrator in prod, and as such, I cannot test installing anything and, for some reasons, our admin had difficulties installing ia32-libs.
So could someone confirm ia32-libs are STILL required, just to be sure, and maybe precise where to get them.
I didn't see any warning about this dependancy after getting the installer. Maybe, if this is the real issue, it could be precised more officialy in documentation.

Thanks for any help,