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Workflow for beginner

Question asked by parsonspr on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2011 by carlos.miguens
I am brand new to alfresco community edition and am try to start a basic workflow.

I have two spaces set up called 'Draft Documents' and 'Pending Approval'.  I wanted to import a sample text file into Draft Documents and then, when appropriate, allow the user (eventually a specified list of users) to move the document into the Pending Approval space.  I created a new rule called MovedToPendingApproval with the following options: Conditions - all items, Actions - move to Pending Approval, Type - items are deleted or leave this folder, Apply rule to subspaces.

However, when I went back to the Draft Documents space, the MovedToPendingApproval option does not appear on a drop down menu.  When I first tried to create this I had to go and Reapply Rules in Space, which made the MovedToPendingApproval option appear on the drop down menu, but if a new document was imported I had to Reapply Rules in Space to make it appear on that document.  Also, when I clicked the option it moved the file to the Pending Approval space, but the drop down menu option was still available for selection (even though the file was already moved to the new space). 

However, I have now recreated the rule (matching the description at the top - I may have done something slightly different to get the effect in the paragraph above - sorry I can't remember exactly!) and now the option doesn't appear in the drop down menu, but when I Reapply Rules in Space the file is automatically moved to the new folder.  I don't get the drop down menu, it just moves the file as the rule is being reapplied.

Apologies if this post isn't very clear.  I am happy to provide additional clarification as necessary.
Thanks in advance for any help.