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Sorted search with Lucene Query

Question asked by emmy on Aug 31, 2011
i'm working with Alfresco 3.0 and i'm currently using the "luceneSearch" function of the Alfresco SearchAPI which permits to sort the files in ascending or descending order by a specific property of the file (for example the name).
Trying to sort the search results by the name, I discovered that if the locale is italian or french the results are properly sorted, but if the locale is english they are not sorted, and i think that may depends by the Index Analyzer used: in fact, if the locale is english the Index Analyser used by Lucene is the AlfrescoStandardAnalyzer, but for the other languages the Analyzer used are the ones specific for each different language (italian: ItalianSnowballAnalyzer, french: FrenchAnalyzer, …).
Has anyone had the same problem? Is there another Analyzer that might be used for the english locale?

Thanks in advance,