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Alfresco SSO with passthru and alfrescoNtml config issue

Question asked by cesarista on Sep 1, 2011
Hi all:

I have a question about SSO (for both Alfresco 3.4.* both EE and Community) with the next requirements:
* i need to auth with a SSO against passthru (AD)
* i want to have a set of external users (not included in AD) for being managed in Alfresco (creation of users, passwords etc…)


With SSO disabled, I can auth with no problems against the active directory and the custom set of users defined in Alfresco. And I can create users in Alfresco because alfrescoNtml is the mutable subsystem of the chain.

But with SSO enabled, i can only auth (with SSO) in the first subsystem, and,  on the other hand, i can only create users with the first subsystem (mutable) too.

Besides I have an issue that, with SSO enabled, i can only auth in the first subsystem (either passthu not alfrescoNtml) and i can't do it in the other one.

Does it have sense ? Is it another way of doing this ? Another external ldap for the external users ?

Thanks in advance.

– Cesar.