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Uploads slow down over time, any configuration fix?

Question asked by patmandenver on Sep 1, 2011
Our alfresco system uploads 20-30K audio recordings every weekday.   Our contentstore has over 3 million files in it.

We typically can upload 2,500-3,500 files an hour but as the weeks go by it slows down
we see 1,500 an hour then under 1,000 an hour then finally in the 300-500 files an hour range.
Then it speeds right back up back to the 2,500 - 3,00 range. 

This process has repeated a few times. Currently it sped up today, the first of this month. 
and I am wondering if there is some trigger that occurs at the beginning of the month that speeds us back up.

How can I keep my upload speeds from degrading over time?