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Remove and lucene search

Question asked by vbrpfc on Sep 4, 2011
Hi everyone. I've been reading you for months (have learned too much) and now I need some specific help.

I work with Alfresco through my own application web, via webservices. I've just implemented uploading and downloading a file to/from Alfresco, giving to my function the file's UUID.

I've read the API documentation and several topics about removing and searching, but I don't get it at all. I need this two operations:
1- Removing a file from the repository with a specific UUID. I'm able to get this UUID, but I don't know how to fill the Reference, Predicate o whatever is needed.
2 - Searching with a lucene query search, obtaining the UUIDs of the files who match the query inside the content of the file. I need a way to get some array/list containing the UUIDs of the matched results.

Thank you in advance.