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Space subscription, email notification from portal

Question asked by nikes on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2011 by nikes

I have a requirement to implement Alfresco space subscription feature with document upload, update email notification.

A user should be able to subscribe/unsubscribe to space from portal (in our case portal showing alfresco folder structure). For any new upload or update of document, subscribed user(s) should receive an email notification.

As per my knowledge I think there is NO out-of-the box feature or API for space subscription. So I am thinking of possible solutions.
For subscription
-Create a custopn property to hold list of user ids
-From portlet, user performs "Subscribe" action for any space, which makes web service call to Alfresco
-Web service appends user id to custom property list if it doe not exist.

For email notificaton
Initially I thought to create email notification Rule on space from web service whenever a user performs subscribe action. But it doesn't look feasible technically for each subscribe action.
Is it possible to use Component Policy feature on Space?

Thanks for any inputs/suggessions.