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Arabic (ar_AR) getting start

Question asked by dagawy on Sep 9, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2011 by dagawy
Dear colleagues,
I am happy to see people working on the development of Alfresco Arabic language pack.
I used to be the manger of alfresco project with a community development organization.
instead of my responsibilities i want to add the Arabic language to both of the Alfresco explore and share.
I'm ready to collaborate with the Arab colleagues in this forum in order to launch a professional language pack for Arab users.
please let us start implementing the project together as a team , and then we can proudly see the Arabic as choice on main page of alfresco website as one of official language used on the project.
please don't hesitate to contribute and share your knowledge about Alfresco ,no matter how simple is it, perhaps may be useful if we have collected with the proposals of the brothers.
looking to hear from you sooner