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how can I duplicate a user with all of his access rights ??

Question asked by misstina_sm on Sep 12, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2011 by kevinr
How can I duplicate a user with all of his/her access rights and privileges?
i have many document and it is so hard for me to check all document to now that for example mr.X access to view which document with which role,ok??
imagine on of my company secretary give up company she had access to view many content and space ,she had diffrent role on each of that content and space ,now we employment another one for this job then she is new one ok??i must add she to user list and get her all previous secretary access to this new one,i need to have a report to show me all content and space that previous secretary had access,then invite new secretary and set her role like previous one ot some times we employment second secretary i want to apply that all of secretary 1 to secretary 2,i want know that have we this possibility to say that all of access person to gige to person 2 too , i hope can discribe my wish clearly.

thank for replies