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Suggest. custom association from external data

Question asked by need on Sep 12, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2011 by loftux
Hi all,

I need help on the feasibility of an amendment to the Alfresco share. Should I attach a document for each type of attribute external to Alfresco using the webservice that provides the external application can make me return json format that interests me but how can I do to attach it to any kind of doc?

I thought about creating a custom association in my model. It 'can change the rendering of the association so as to load data from my external application, select the data from pop-ups and then bind it to the document?

It is possible to think of a solution? Or do I have to find another way?

If all this were possible, I suggested a way to change the pop-up of the association when you click on the button select the page editing metadata.

Thanks to all…